Mr. Noel Ong

Noel OngMr Noel Ong is a graduate from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and English Literature. He also earned a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary) from the National Institute of Education in Nanyang Technological University, to teach History and English Literature, in 1998. Thereafter, he spent 18 years teaching History, Social Studies and English Literature in Shuqun Secondary School.

In 2001, he was selected to be part of the pioneer batch of teachers to start teaching the then brand new subject being introduced into the Singapore education system – Social Studies (SS). Initially apprehensive, he slowly began to see SS as a subject of equal importance to any other in the Singapore school curriculum – that to know how one’s country functions, to understand the rationale behind your countries directions and policies, was and still is vitally important to the holistic growth of an individual and a citizen.

Furthermore, having taught the subject for 18 years now, he also understands how it is essentially a skills-based subject, and especially with the newest syllabus rolled out in 2016, it is no longer a subject that rewards rote learning, but has instead evolved into a true assessment of critical thinking, and answering skills. As such, he now sees SS as a subject that is essentially a matter of teachable skills and techniques that can help a student not only repeatedly score well at assessments and exams, but also bring forth and develop critical thinking skills which are decidedly lacking on other parts of the Singapore schools’ curriculum. In short; with the right guidance in SS, students can score, and students learn to think.

His wealth of experience with this subject also stems from having assisted MOE HQ in assessing and test-piloting this current syllabus (In 2015 he was part of a group of school teachers chosen to assess and give feedback on the syllabus text before it was released, and he was also chosen to test out actual planned lessons based on the new text, on a variety of classes, express and normal(academic)) and also as a participant in the 2012 – 2015 O level marking exercises conducted by the Singapore Examination and Assessment Branch (SEAB).

A strong advocate of a responsive classroom, Noel believes students cannot be passive learners but must also be challenged to question and investigate the issues that are pertinent to current Singapore society. He is also a proponent of a fun classroom, and strives to contrast dry syllabus content with a healthy dose of the absurd. He also believes that an effective lesson must also engage as many senses as possible, and so must contain not just written materials, but also audio-visual and even tactile constituents to make learning effective. For the future, he will continue to try his best to be as effective a teacher as he can possibly be.


Initial grade for ss during prelims: D7. Comb humanities during prelims: C6. Eventual O'LVL grade: A1. Mr Ong's lessons are very effective as he teaches straight to the point teaching me what to do in various situations. His lessons unlike my school teacher, is clear and concise which was what helped me improved from C6 to A1. To improve, listen attentively during Mr Ong's lesson and do the homework he gave and you're on the right track.

Chee Bo'En Malcolm

Swiss Cottage Secondary School
In prelim I failed SS and got F9. My parents panicked and got Mr Ong to help me. He managed to help me and pulled my grade to a B3 in O level. My school teacher was good but I kept failing and I did not know why. Mr Ong helped me identify my mistake exactly and helped me realize that my content was ok and it was my analysis and my explanation and presentation of my sbq answers that was dragging me down. He really helped me improve my ss.

Arun Aditya Vijayanand

Temask Secondary School
Mr Noel is a great teacher who has helped me greatly in social studies! Even though I take Combined Humanities, I have always been getting an F9, however my eventual O level grade was a B4. Mr Noel has taught me to realise that there are many ways to interpret a source, from a person who was once always stuck on how to use a pictorial source to answer the question has now become more confident in answering them! Thank you Mr Noel for all the weekly papers to help prepare me well for my O levels!

Elishia Tham

Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School
Before receiving help from Mr Ong, I was definitely struggling in the area of SS, as I would receive marks between 23-26 out of 50 for my papers. By the mid-year mark, I had gotten a C6 grade for Combined Humanities (Lit in English, SS) and knew I needed urgent help. At a loss, I reached out to a friend who invited me to join in her lessons with Mr Ong. So from July to November, the two of us would have weekly tuition sessions, mainly for SS, 2h each time, and that I feel was what helped to pull my grade for Comb. Humans. up to a B4 in Prelims, and an eventual A2 in O Levels. The way I benefitted most from this tuition is that my understanding of the answering techniques for the SS paper was definitely made clearer, as Mr Ong was not only an MOE teacher in the SS department, but also an O Level marker himself and thus best understood the requirements of the various question types. I also gained much practice in answering various question types through the many different sample/past-year papers he sourced out for us. It enabled me to familiarize myself with the exam structure, to work on time management, and to think out of the box to answer the questions in the best way. I would recommend Mr Ong to anyone struggling in the SS subject, who is willing to put in time and effort to come for lessons with their self-assigned homework done and questions ready. Thus, if one can make the most out of the help given and the resources available through Mr Ong, I'm sure that they will see great improvement in their SS grades, just as I did.

Emmanuelle S.

St. Margaret's Secondary School
I have always been uninterested in humanities since Secondary 3, I was taking Pure History and Elective Geography with Social Studies. I had only scored 14/100  for History and 22/100 for Combined Humanities. I was uninterested and unmotivated with Humanities. This attitude eventually led me to repeat a year in Secondary 3. During my second year of Secondary 3, I decided to change subject combinations in order to study as little humanities as possible. I genuinely detested History and Geography and could never see myself studying or using it as part of L1R5 in the GCE O’Levels. In Secondary 4, March, I started humanities tuition with Noel for Elective History as well as Social Studies. My results didn’t suddenly skyrocket, I was still uninterested in these subjects, I could not be bothered to study them. I did see improvement due to the techniques taught during lessons but this improvement was limited due to the lack of interest. As the lessons with Noel racked up, my interest increased, humanities wasn’t as dull as I thought. Noel showed me how History has such importance in today’s political world and made it interesting for me with facts that aren’t in the syllabus but helped me to remember what was tested. Social Studies became more interesting as well as I realised how relatable it is to my life as a Singaporean. Noel made it easy to digest the hefty sums of text in History and Social Studies. Although my interest in the Humanities has increased, I scored a measly 41 (E8) marks for my Preliminary Exams. This had me panicking. The few weeks before my O’ Levels, Noel provided me with a few crash courses as a last minute boost in hopes of a decent grade in the National Exams. With the help of Noel and some studying on my own, I attained an A2 for Combined Humanities in the O’ Levels. I was surprised and very thankful for the help I received along my journey.

Harold Wong

Ngee Ann Secondary School
Mr Ong, is a interactive and open-minded teacher which will explain clearly my mistakes and how it should be. Thanks to that, I was able to improve my grades from C6 to B3 for my O' levels.

Bryan Wang

Montfort Secondary School
Mr Ong played a huge role in helping me improve my humanities and I am glad that I have trusted him in helping me with this subject. I first started with an F9 for my Humanities (social studied and history) and received a B3 for O levels with Mr Ong’s help. Mr Ong was clear in his explanation and his materials are phenomenal. If you are struggling with your humanities I would strongly recommend Mr Ong.

Kieran Lee

Guangyang secondary school

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