O Level English Tuition

Step up your game with our ‘O Level’ math tuition classes!

At O Level Master, Secondary level A Math is taught in a confidence-boosting way, providing guidance for learners to ace their exams.
It is not uncommon for learners progress to improve by leaps and bounds with large grade jumps! O Level Master emphasises the nurturing of learners’ essential Math skills and honing logical reasoning. Our experienced O Level tutors have guided countless learners to achieve outstanding results in Math. Your child can join the ranks of our success stories too!


‘O’ Level English Tuition (Sec 3 / Sec 4) 

LevelSubjectBranchDate & TimeTeacherAvailability
Sec 3PhysicsMarymountSat, 11:15-1:15pmMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 3PhysicsKembanganSun, 2:00-4:00pmMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 3ChemistryKembanganWed, 4:00-6:00pmMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 3ChemistryMarymountSat, 2:00-4:00pmMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 3ChemistryJurongThu, 4:00-6:00pmMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 4ChemistryJurongThu, 6:15-8:15pmMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 3PhysicsJurongTue, 6:15-8:15pmMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 3ChemistryKembanganSun, 4:15-6:15pmMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 3A MathJurongTue, 4:00-6:00pmMr Allen TanAvailableshow1
Sec 3A MathKembanganWed, 4:00-6:00pmMr Allen TanAvailableshow1
Sec 3A MathMarymountSat, 9:00-11:00amMr Allen TanAvailableshow1
Sec 3EnglishJurongSun, 2:00-4:00pmMs June FooAvailableshow1
Sec 4PhysicsMarymountSat, 9:00-11:00amMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 4ChemistryMarymountMon, 4:00-6:00pmMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 4PhysicsMarymountMon, 6:15-8:15pmMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 4PhysicsKembanganSun, 11:15-1:15pmMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 4PhysicsJurongTue, 4:00-6:00pmMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 4ChemistryKembanganSun, 9:00-11:00amMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 4EnglishJurongSat, 2:00-4:00pmMs June FooAvailableshow1
Sec 4Social StudiesJurongSun, 4:15-6:15pmMs June FooAvailableshow1
Sec 4A MathJurongTue, 6:15-8:15pmMr Allen TanAvailableshow1
Sec 4A MathKembanganWed, 6:15-8:15pmMr Allen TanAvailableshow1
Sec 4A MathMarymountSat, 11:15-1:15pmMr Allen TanAvailableshow1

Choose Your Secondary English Tuition Levels

English Tuition for Secondary 3

English Tuition for Secondary 4

O Level English Tuition – Unlock the Path to Excellence at O Level Master!

Discover a powerful English tuition programme that goes beyond ordinary learning. At O Level Master, we are dedicated to transforming your child’s English skills into a force to be reckoned with!

Unleash the Power of Critical Analysis:
Our O Level English tuition programme is laser-focused on developing your child’s critical analysis abilities. They will learn to dissect information, question assumptions, and think deeply about the world around them. This powerful skill will set them apart in any academic or professional endeavor.

Master Language Precision:
Precision is key to effective communication. Our specially designed learning resources empower students to write with crystal-clear logic and coherence. Your child’s essays will shine with clarity and conviction, leaving a lasting impression on examiners.

Expand Horizons with Global Perspectives:
In a rapidly changing world, having a broad worldview is essential. Our tuition programme enhances your child’s general knowledge and critical skills sets in global perspectives. They will be equipped to navigate diverse cultural contexts and communicate with confidence in any international setting.

Engaging Current Affairs, Real-Life Tasks:
At O Level Master, we believe in learning through engagement. Your child will delve into intriguing current affairs topics, sparking lively discussions and igniting their curiosity. Through real-life tasks, they will refine their written and oral communication skills, emerging as articulate and persuasive communicators.

Embrace New Viewpoints, Strengthen Independence:
Dare to challenge the status quo! Our tuition encourages students to explore new viewpoints, fostering independent thinking and the ability to justify their opinions. Your child will boldly confront what they read, see, hear, and learn, emerging as a strong communicator unafraid to express their unique perspectives.

Join us at O Level Master and empower your child with the tools they need to excel in the O Level English exam and beyond. Together, let’s pave the way to a future where they stand out as articulate, critical, and confident communicators.

Enroll now and witness the unleashing of your child’s potential!

Skills imparted in our programme


By the end of our Secondary tuition programme, students will be able to communicate effectively in English as a result of their development in the following areas:

1. Listen, read, view critically and with accuracy, understanding and appreciation, a wide range of literary and informational/functional texts from print and non-print sources.

2. Speak, write and represent in Standard English with prose that is grammatically correct, fluent, understandable and appropriate for different purposes, audiences, contexts and cultures.

3. Understand and use Standard English grammar and vocabulary accurately, appropriately and fluently as well as how other speakers/writers put words together and use language to communicate meaning and achieve impact.

4. Learn key formulas and secrets of how to ace Paper 1 to Paper 4 of their O Level English Language exams.

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teacher female 1 (1)

Ms June Foo/English & Social Studies Tutor

Ms Foo was an ex-MOE teacher in JCs as well as secondary schools, teaching GP and English. She has a Bachelor of Arts from NUS and Postgraduate Diploma in Education from NIE, as well as Masters of Arts from University of Hull, UK.