Sec 3 Physics Tuition


‘O’ Level Physics Tuition (Sec 3) 

SUBJ/LEVELBranchDate & TimeTutorAvailability
English / S3MarymountSun, 1:00-3:00pmLouis KrismanAvailable
English / S4MarymountSat, 11:15-1:15pmLouis KrismanAvailable
A-Math / S3MarymountSat, 4:00-6:00pmJason NgAvailable
A-Math / S4MarymountSun, 3:30-5:30pmJason NgAvailable
E-Math / S3MarymountSat, 1:30-3:30pmZoe ChongAvailable
E-Math / S4MarymountSat, 3:45-5:45pmZoe ChongAvailable
Chem / S3MarymountMon, 5:30-7:30pmMr. OngAvailable
Chem / S4MarymountSat, 11:15-1:15pmMr. OngAvailable
Phys / S4MarymountSun, 11:15-1:15pmDr Hock K.M.Available
Phys / S3MarymountSun, 9:00-11:00amDr Hock K.M.Available
Bio / S4MarymountTBATBAAvailable
Bio/ S3MarymountTBATBAAvailable
SS / S4MarymountSun, 3:15-5:15pmNoel OngAvailable
SS / S3MarymountSun, 11:00-1:00pmNoel OngAvailable


O Level Master’s Secondary Physics Tuition classes are uniquely designed to enable students in achieving mastery and confidence in the 3 Key Assessment Objectives stated by Singapore Examination Assessment Board (SEAB) O Level Exams:

1. Knowledge with Understanding,

2. Handling Information and Solving Problems and

3. Experimental Skills and Investigations

LearningLearning Objectives

Upon completion of this programme, students will:

  • Acquire experimental planning skills including best practices for recording observations and conducting experiments.
  • Focus on salient data and critical problem solving by identifying, summarising and presenting information in a clear and efficient manner,
  • Analyse the results to arrive at the correct conclusions,
  • Wrangle quantitative and qualitative data to present well constructed and cogent explanations from their observations and analysis.



  • Measurement topics
  • Newtonian Mechanics topics covering Kinematics to Pressure,
  • Thermal Physics topics covering Kinematic Model of matter to Thermal Properties of Matter,
  • Waves topics covering General Wave Properties, Sound to Light and the Electromagnetic Spectrum,

Who Should Attend?Who Should Attend

Secondary 3 Students

  • Seeking Secondary Physics tuition for the reinforcement and mastery of core subject matter defined by the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board through conscientious and regular supplemental learning
  • Aiming for a competitive edge towards achieving academic excellence in the O Level Physics examination
  • Seeking topical revisions to address knowledge gaps and weaknesses in the understanding of Secondary School Physics concepts


Our strong team of O-Level tuition teachers are highly qualified and experienced in preparing students for a O-level exams. They’re very passionate about educating young people and they connect well to the students, which is an important trait for imparting knowledge and skills. These NIE-trained O-Level tuition teachers deliver lessons in an engaging and enjoyable way, making it useful and effective in helping students improve their scores.

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