A Math Tuition Sec 3

A Math Tuition (Sec 3 ) Schedule

SUBJ/LEVELBranchDate & TimeTutorAvailability
English / S3MarymountSun, 1:00-3:00pmTBAAvailable
English / S4MarymountSat, 11:15-1:15pmTBAAvailable
A-Math / S3MarymountSun, 9:00-11:00amMr GnanAvailable
A-Math / S4MarymountFri, 5:00-7:00pmMr GnanAvailable
E-Math / S3MarymountSat, 1:30-3:30pmZoe ChongAvailable
E-Math / S4MarymountSat, 11:15-1:15pmZoe ChongAvailable
Chem / S3MarymountMon, 5:00-7:00pmMr. OngAvailable
Chem / S4MarymountSun, 3:30-5:30pmMr. OngAvailable
Phys / S4MarymountSun, 1:15-3:15pmTan WeiAvailable
Phys / S3MarymountSun, 11:00-1:00pmJohn LeeAvailable
Bio / S4MarymountSat, 1:30 - 3:30pmJeffrey LingAvailable
Bio/ S3Marymount Sat, 11:00 - 1:00pmJeffrey LingAvailable
SS / S4MarymountSun, 1:15-3:15pmNoel OngAvailable
SS / S3MarymountSat, 9:00-11:00amNoel OngAvailable


Secondary 3 students will be introduced to Additional Mathematics (A Maths) subject for the first time which can pose a challenge for many with complex concepts and complicated formulae. This A Maths Tuition programme provides the instruction, coaching and support required by students to adapt to the steeper learning curve through O Level Master’s unique pedagogical methodology delivered by our award winning qualified A Math Tutors, all with proven track records of success.

LearningLearning Objectives

Upon completion of this programme, students will:

  • Develop their skills in algebraic manipulation of symbolic representations of logarithms, indices and exponents as well as polynomial and trigonometric functions.
  • Learn to plot lines, parabolas and circles defined by algebraic equations on a graph.
  • Derive proofs of equivalence between trigonometric expressions using trigonometric identities and formulae.
  • Hone analytical skills that will enable them to make inferences, draw logical conclusions from the data and evaluate solutions.
  • Acquire critical communication skills that will enable them to justify their arguments based on their mathematical explanations, solutions or proofs.



  • Indices and Surds,
  • Polynomials and Partial fractions,
  • Binomial expansions.
  • Equations and Inequalities
  • Trigonometric identities and functions
  • The Addition formula, double-angle formula, and R formula to simplify and solve trigonometric equations.
  • Plotting amplitudes and periodicities of trigonometric graphs.
  • Sine and cosine functions and their relation to sciences, including the propagation of sound waves.
  • Equation of a circle, and the area and perimeter of a rectilinear figure in a 2 dimensional coordinate plane.

Who Should Attend?Who Should Attend

Secondary 3 Students

  • Seeking A Maths Tuition for the reinforcement and mastery of core subject matter through conscientious and regular supplemental learning
  • Aiming for a competitive edge towards achieving academic excellence in the O Level A Math examination
  • Seeking topical revisions to address knowledge gaps and weaknesses in the understanding of A Maths concepts


Our strong team of O-Level tuition teachers are highly qualified and experienced in preparing students for a O-level A Maths exams. They’re very passionate about educating young people and they connect well to the students, which is an important trait for imparting knowledge and skills. These NIE-trained O-Level tuition teachers deliver lessons in an engaging and enjoyable way, making it useful and effective in helping students improve their scores.

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