O Level Chemistry Tuition

O-Level Chemistry Tuition Programme Overview for Secondary School Students


O Level Chemistry is one of the compulsory core science subjects taken by most secondary school students and a hard requirement for entry into university courses such as medicine, chemical engineering and dentistry.

Our Secondary chemistry tuition classes equip students with the knowledge and relevant exam skills to tackle challenging O level chemistry questions. Students will be subject to regular assessment and in-class flash quizzes to monitor the extent of their learning and provide constructive and useful feedback.

We aim to help students gain proficiency and confidence in applying chemistry concepts. We firmly believe in the potential of every student to score distinctions in Chemistry at the O level examination when well supported by our best-in-class learning model with our concise quick reference notes and the appropriate instruction from our highly experienced tutors. No student will be left behind.

What to expect in O-Level Chemistry Tuition Class:


At the end of our Secondary Chemistry Tuition Programme participation with us, you should be able to:

  1. 1. Attain mastery of the SEAB O Level Syllabus quickly and easily for content on experimental chemistry, atomic structure and stoichiometry, chemistry of reactions, periodicity, atmosphere and organic chemistry
  2. 2. Apply concepts astutely to arrive at accurate solutions under simulated conditions of time pressure through our fast tracked learning methodology
  3. 3. Prepare and score well for lab-based practical component in the GCE ‘O’ Level examination
  4. 4. Learn efficient and elegant solution techniques to arrive at the desired conclusion whilst minimising errors and analysis
  5. 5. Optimise performance for all Papers 1, 2 and 3 of the Chemistry O Level examination with frequent practice tests

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Secondary Level Chemistry Schedules

Chemistry ‘O’ Level Tuition (Sec 3 / Sec 4)

LevelSubjectBranchDate & TimeTeacherAvailability
Sec 3PhysicsMarymountSat, 11:15-1:15pmMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 3PhysicsKembanganSun, 2:00-4:00pmMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 3ChemistryKembanganWed, 4:00-6:00pmMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 3ChemistryMarymountSat, 2:00-4:00pmMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 3ChemistryJurongThu, 4:00-6:00pmMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 4ChemistryJurongThu, 6:15-8:15pmMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 3PhysicsJurongTue, 6:15-8:15pmMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 3ChemistryKembanganSun, 4:15-6:15pmMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 3A MathJurongTue, 4:00-6:00pmMr Allen TanAvailableshow1
Sec 3A MathKembanganWed, 4:00-6:00pmMr Allen TanAvailableshow1
Sec 3A MathMarymountSat, 9:00-11:00amMr Allen TanAvailableshow1
Sec 3EnglishJurongSun, 2:00-4:00pmMs June FooAvailableshow1
Sec 4PhysicsMarymountSat, 9:00-11:00amMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 4ChemistryMarymountMon, 4:00-6:00pmMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 4PhysicsMarymountMon, 6:15-8:15pmMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 4PhysicsKembanganSun, 11:15-1:15pmMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 4PhysicsJurongTue, 4:00-6:00pmMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 4ChemistryKembanganSun, 9:00-11:00amMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 4EnglishJurongSat, 2:00-4:00pmMs June FooAvailableshow1
Sec 4Social StudiesJurongSun, 4:15-6:15pmMs June FooAvailableshow1
Sec 4A MathJurongTue, 6:15-8:15pmMr Allen TanAvailableshow1
Sec 4A MathKembanganWed, 6:15-8:15pmMr Allen TanAvailableshow1
Sec 4A MathMarymountSat, 11:15-1:15pmMr Allen TanAvailableshow1


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Selena See

Ms Selena See/Chemistry/Physics Tutor

Ms. Selena See graduated from National University of Singapore with a B. ENGINEERING (NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE), and she went on to further her studies in counseling to further equipped herself in helping students to learn better emotionally and mentally and attained M. SOCIAL SCIENCE (UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA). She has worked in City College as a teacher and curriculum developer for the past 20 years.
Teacher male 3 (1)

Mr Ellington Ong/Chemistry Tutor

Mr. Ellington Ong graduated from NTU with a degree in Materials Engineering. Upon graduation, he joined the Ministry of Education and received my Postgraduate Diploma in Education from the National Institute of Education (NIE).

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