O Level Social Studies Tuition


Social Studies ‘O’ Level Tuition (Sec 3 / Sec 4)

SUBJ/LEVELBranchDate & TimeTutorAvailability
English / S3MarymountSun, 1:00-3:00pmTBAAvailable
Phys / S3JurongSat, 9:00-11:00amMr Tan WeiAvailable
English / S4MarymountSat, 11:15-1:15pmTBAAvailable
A-Math / S3MarymountSun, 2:00-4:00pmMr GnanAvailable
A-Math / S3KembanganSat, 11:15-1:15pmMr GnanAvailable
A-Math / S4MarymountSat, 1:30-3:30pmMr GnanAvailable
A-Math / S4MarymountSun, 9:00-11:00amMr GnanAvailable
E-Math / S3MarymountSat, 3:45-5:45pmMs Tong Rui EnAvailable
E-Math / S4MarymountSat, 1:30-3:30pmZoe ChongAvailable
Chem / S3MarymountSun, 3:30-4:30pm Mr Ellington OngAvailable
Chem / S4MarymountSun, 1:30-3:30pm Mr Ellington OngAvailable
Bio/ S4JurongSat, 2:15-4:15pm Mr PrhabagaranAvailable
SS / S4MarymountSun, 1:15-3:15pmNoel OngAvailable
SS / S3MarymountSat, 9:00-11:00amNoel OngAvailable
Chem / S4JurongSun, 2:30-4:30pmMs Florence LimAvailable

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Social Studies Tuition for Secondary 3

Social Studies Tuition for Secondary 4

Social Studies ‘O’ Level Tuition Programme Overview


Social studies is a compulsory subject for humanities in secondary school and carries a equal (50%) weighting in contribution to the O Level Examination assessment format.

Drawing on aspects of society that are of meaning and interest to the students, our Social Studies Tuition programme seeks to ignite students’ curiosity to inquire into real-world issues that concern their lives. Through inquiry and authentic learning experiences, we aim to help students attain relevant knowledge and understanding about these issues, develop critical and reflective thinking skills, and appreciate multiple perspectives.

Ultimately, this programme seeks to inculcate in students a deeper understanding of the values that define the Singapore society, nurture dispositions that will inspire them to show concern for the society and the world they live in, and demonstrate empathy in their relationships with others.

Skills imparted in our programme


Our tuition programme curriculum content is organised around three Issues and is anchored in a set of Knowledge, Skills and Values Outcomes. The three Issues correspond to societal issues that have been shaping Singapore society and the world and were selected with these considerations in mind

1. the need to respond to the ‘new diversities’ in society.
2. the need to strengthen the heart of an economically vibrant nation.
3.  the need to grow an informed, concerned and participative citizenry.

The knowledge, skills and values acquired through a study of these Issues will enable students to enrich and deploy their competencies to respond to real world issues and in the process, strengthen their values as citizens.

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Mr June Foo/English & Social Studies Tutor

Ms Foo was an ex-MOE teacher in JCs as well as secondary schools, teaching GP and English. She has a Bachelor of Arts from NUS and Postgraduate Diploma in Education from NIE, as well as Masters of Arts from University of Hull, UK.