Physics Head Start Programme

Physics Head Start Programme

Benefit from a carefully selected set of practice exam questions all curated to emphasize and promote learning and application in the Key Concepts of tricky topics. Learn grade boosting Solution Techniques and indispensable Exam Strategies from our doctoral-level super tutor and subject matter expert, Dr. Hock K.M.

Sec 3: Kinematics, Dynamics, Mass, Weight and Density, Turning effect of forces

Sec 4: General Wave properties, static electricity, current of electricity, DC circuits

Academic Year Physics Head Start Programme Topics Date/ Time
Sec 3  Kinematics, Dynamics, Mass, Weight and Density, Turning effect of forces Available 1st November, Sun 9:00-11:00
Sec 4 General Wave properties, static electricity, current of electricity, DC circuits Available 1st November, Sun 11:15-13:15

Who should
attend: For Secondary 2 students who have just chosen their subject combinations and wish to gain a first preview of the Upper Secondary syllabus which await them in Secondary 3.
For Secondary 3 students who have been promoted to Secondary 4 and wish to fast-track their preparation for the O-Level Exams.

Physics ‘O’ Level Tuition Programme Overview


As students transition from Secondary 2 Science to Secondary 3 Pure Physics, they find it more difficult to cope with the more complex concepts and technical terms demanded by the O Level Physics syllabus as the content delves much deeper into physical concepts, with many requiring adroit manipulation and interpretation of mathematical formulas.

The O-Level physics tuition programme provides students with a coherent understanding of energy, matter, and their interrelationships. It focuses on investigating natural phenomena and then applying patterns, models (including mathematical ones), principles, theories and laws to explain the physical behaviour of the universe. The theories and concepts presented in this syllabus belong to a branch of physics commonly referred to as classical physics. Modern physics, developed to explain the quantum properties
at the atomic and sub-atomic level, is built on knowledge of these classical theories and concepts.

Skills imparted in our programme


Our O Level Physics Tuition Programme aims to enable students to:

1. Be exposed to a wide variety of learning experiences designed to promote acquisition of scientific expertise and understanding, and to develop values and attitudes relevant to science.
2. Benefit from instruction from tutors who are adept at a combination of appropriate strategies to effectively engage and challenge their students
3. Apply investigative and problem-solving skills to effectively communicate the theoretical concepts covered in this course and
4. Appreciate the contribution physics makes to our understanding of the physical world.

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