O Level Physics Tuition

O-Level Physics Tuition Programme Overview for Secondary school students


Our O-Level Physics Tuition programme:

– Imparts a coherent understanding of energy, matter, and their interrelationships

– Investigates natural phenomena

– Helps students learn how to apply patterns, models (including mathematical ones), principles, theories and laws to explain the physical behaviour of the universe

Transitioning from lower secondary to upper secondary can be tough for students, as O Level Physics concepts are more complex and content delves much deeper into physical concepts, with many requiring adroit manipulation and interpretation of mathematical formulas.

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Physics Syllabus at Secondary Level

Theories and concepts presented in this syllabus belong to a branch of physics commonly referred to as classical physics. Modern physics, developed to explain the quantum properties at the atomic and sub-atomic level, is built on knowledge of these classical theories and concepts.

What To Expect in O-Level Physics Tuition Class:

– Learning experiences specially designed to impart scientific expertise and understanding with maximum efficiency
– Instruction from tutors adept at strategies that effectively engage and challenge learners
– Hone investigative and problem-solving skills for concepts covered in Secondary Physics syllabus
– Appreciate the contribution physics makes to our understanding of the physical world


What we offer in our Secondary Physics Tuition Programme:

– Small class sizes
– Individual attention
– Focused practice
– Practical exam techniques
– Concepts understanding


‘O’ Level Physics Tuition (Sec 3 / Sec 4)

LevelSubjectBranchDate & TimeTeacherAvailability
Sec 3PhysicsMarymountSat, 11:15-1:15pmMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 3PhysicsKembanganSun, 2:00-4:00pmMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 3ChemistryKembanganWed, 4:00-6:00pmMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 3ChemistryMarymountSat, 2:00-4:00pmMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 3ChemistryJurongThu, 4:00-6:00pmMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 4ChemistryJurongThu, 6:15-8:15pmMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 3PhysicsJurongTue, 6:15-8:15pmMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 3ChemistryKembanganSun, 4:15-6:15pmMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 3A MathJurongTue, 4:00-6:00pmMr Allen TanAvailableshow1
Sec 3A MathKembanganWed, 4:00-6:00pmMr Allen TanAvailableshow1
Sec 3A MathMarymountSat, 9:00-11:00amMr Allen TanAvailableshow1
Sec 3EnglishJurongSun, 2:00-4:00pmMs June FooAvailableshow1
Sec 4PhysicsMarymountSat, 9:00-11:00amMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 4ChemistryMarymountMon, 4:00-6:00pmMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 4PhysicsMarymountMon, 6:15-8:15pmMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 4PhysicsKembanganSun, 11:15-1:15pmMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 4PhysicsJurongTue, 4:00-6:00pmMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 4ChemistryKembanganSun, 9:00-11:00amMs Selena SeeAvailableshow1
Sec 4EnglishJurongSat, 2:00-4:00pmMs June FooAvailableshow1
Sec 4Social StudiesJurongSun, 4:15-6:15pmMs June FooAvailableshow1
Sec 4A MathJurongTue, 6:15-8:15pmMr Allen TanAvailableshow1
Sec 4A MathKembanganWed, 6:15-8:15pmMr Allen TanAvailableshow1
Sec 4A MathMarymountSat, 11:15-1:15pmMr Allen TanAvailableshow1


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Our Physics Tutors

Selena See

Ms Selena See/Physical/Chemistry Tutor

Ms. Selena See graduated from National University of Singapore with a B. ENGINEERING (NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE), and she went on to further her studies in counseling to further equipped herself in helping students to learn better emotionally and mentally and attained M. SOCIAL SCIENCE (UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA). She has worked in City College as a teacher and curriculum developer for the past 20 years.
Teacher male 4

Mr Tan Wei/Physics Tutor

Mr Tan Wei graduated from the National University of Singapore with a bachelor of science in physics (with honours) and following that the National Institute of Education where he completed his teaching training. Since then, he taught and lectured H2 physics in the National Junior College from 2006 to 2011 at both JC1 and JC2 levels. Thereafter, he also taught physics (upper secondary) at the School of Science and Technology, Singapore from 2012 to 2020.

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