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What is the GCE O Level Exam?

Representing the culmination of a 4 year learning journey, the GCE O Level is a series of exams, covering a portfolio of at least 6 different subject areas, which serve as a pivotal academic touchstone that is administered by MOE to eligible secondary school students in Singapore.

Students’ performances in the O-Level exams are central to determining their future academic progression pathways to tertiary education. The O-Level learning journey also aims to inculcate and foster the following relevant life skills embedded in the subject curriculum:

Why Us?

Whether you, as a discerning parent, are seeking to shore up your secondary school child(ren)’s subject grades through supplementary learning, plug any gaps in their curriculum knowledge through intensive topical revisions or avail them of a competitive advantage in the O-Level examinations, O Level Master is your preferred premier specialist O-Level tuition centre solution providing a fully integrated O-Level subjects offering across all secondary school levels.

The O Level Education Landscape in Singapore

Throughout their 4-year learning journey, secondary school teens will be continuously challenged with ever increasingly complex concepts at an accelerated pace and the application of rapidly expanding depth and breadth of subject matter. Since the learning journey is intended to be sequential and progressively incremental, conscientious learning and mastery of early stage fundamental knowledge forms the basis to achieving a competitive academic performance. Many students with a weaker understanding of these foundational concepts struggle to cope at the Upper Secondary levels when more complex subject matter is introduced.

All students graduating from Secondary 2 undergo a mandatory streaming exercise to identify their subject strengths and interests which will determine their access to examinable O-level subject combinations and hence influencing their future career choices. Popular subject combinations include the triple science option of “Biology, Chemistry and Physics” and full Humanities options of “English Literature, Geography and/or History” which tend to be oversubscribed at every Secondary school with keen competition for places in every cohort.

Upper Secondary students also wrestle simultaneously with large portfolios of 6 to 10 academic subjects each, often citing the lack of time for adequate study and revision as a key limitation and impediment to their learning, subject content mastery and, hence, academic success. These students would demonstrably benefit from proven, structured and effective learning techniques which should greatly accelerate subject knowledge mastery and translate into improved academic performance in the subject and indirectly unlock more study time for the other subjects.

O Level Landscape

It is against the backdrop of this highly competitive educational landscape that studies [1] have reported that as many as 60% of Singaporean secondary school students benefit from tuition to boost and reinforce their learning journeys in their quest for improved grades and academic excellence to achieve admission to the top Junior Colleges (Raffles, Hwa Chong, National Junior Colleges) of the country and also vy for limited placements in the cohorts for their desired choice of subject combination specialisation. Students ultimately realise that their O-Level success is directly linked to their ability to access these life determining options with resulting outcomes having an indelible impact on their future careers and lives.

[1] 2016, Amanda Wise, Associate professor, Macquarie University, QUARTZ

The O Level Master Advantage

A premier secondary school tuition solution specialist with a fully comprehensive subject coverage, O level Master’s pedagogical ethos and advantage is predicated on curriculum mastery through an emphasis on our 5 aspects of learning; namely

1) effective learning techniques
2) logical inquiry and critical thinking
3) creative yet analytical problem solving
4) the astute application of relevant acquired knowledge and skill sets to real world problems, both theoretical and practical and
5) generic practical and relevant life skills

O Level Master Advantage

Students receive instruction from a specially handpicked team of highly qualified and experienced teachers who have all demonstrated track records of success in enabling students to achieve excellent O Level performance. At every stage in their 4 year learning journey, our students can expect to be supported by our best-in-class, carefully curated learning materials and state-of-the-art technological learning aids. Combined with our innovative instructional approach, our programmes are designed to foster and promote optimal subject specific content assimilation, retention and application via an impactful and fast-tracked learning experience.

Our teaching philosophy also recognises the practical importance of exam savvy strategies and skills through the awareness of key exam success criteria, indicators and metrics, with the astute application of appropriate knowledge in solutioning, as differentiating factors for O Level success. Students are coached in the finer arts of exam readiness preparation techniques, practical exam strategies and decision making. From the minute students join any of our programmes, they are prepared for the O Level exams with this ultimate goal in mind.

It is this relentless dedication and commitment towards the excellence of our students, tutors, curriculum and programmes, that firmly establishes O-Level Master as the preferred learning partner for the discerning student seeking to secure an edge in achieving O-Level excellence.

O Level Master's Pedagogical Philosophy

At O Level Master, all our programmes are designed in alignment with our proven, exam-beating and Singaporean student centric pedagogical framework which emphasizes the twin pillars of subject content mastery and holistic learning skill sets development through our tiered aspects of pedagogy.

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