Sharon Kwok

TutorMs Sharon Kwok graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Life Sciences (with Second Upper Class Honours). She graduated from a top girls’ school and a top Junior College in Singapore, studying Biology, Chemistry and Physics up to A levels. She was a scholarship holder who was awarded for academic achievements up to university.

Before joining Learners’ Lodge, Ms Kwok was a full time tutor with 10 years of teaching experience. She has taught O level Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Elementary Mathematics and Additional Mathematics. She also taught A level H2 Biology and Chemistry. Having a well rounded science background, Ms Kwok is well versed in the sciences and able to give students a more holistic understanding of science. She establishes a strong scientific concept base in her students, leading them to excel in science.

Ms Kwok engages her students in active learning, encouraging them to question and develop their scientific curiosity. By highlighting the role of science in our daily lives, she increases her students’ interest in and appreciation of science for the O levels. In tackling the challenges of the A levels, Ms Kwok simplifies complex concepts for students, patiently building up their confidence and competence.


Miss Sharon Kwok has been a patient and caring teacher who has been a great help to me ever since joining her. She helped me with Chemistry which was one of my worse subjects, failing throughout secondary 3. Under her constant guidance over a year, I’ve managed to score distinctions for both of these subjects in the final O levels in 2016.

O level Pure Physics and Pure Chemistry Student

Singapore Chinese Girls School
Miss Sharon has helped me tremendously in my preparation for O levels through her patient guidance and concise explanations. I really liked how she went through the answering techniques in detail as well as going through the necessary information for Chemistry.

O Level Triple Science Student

CHIJ Secondary Student
Miss Sharon is a very kind and patient teacher, under her teaching, I managed to get my Chemistry grades improving slowly and feel less miserable during lesson. Often, if she has no lesson afterwards, she will always stay back for me until all my questions are being answered. She's a very humorous teacher and I always feel very relaxed during her lesson. Sometimes when I disturb her by texting her late in the evening, she never fails to reply me immediately after she sees the message. But the part I love her the most, is when she gave me some slime last week to make me feel less stressed by squishing all the soft and cute slimes during exam week!!! I am really grateful for having Ms Sharon as my tuition teacher.

O Level Triple Science Student

Chung Cheng High (Main) student

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