Ms. Zoe Chong

Zoe ChongMs Zoe Chong graduated from the Nanyang Technological University Singapore
(NTU) with a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronic (with honours). She
was offered a MOE Teaching Scholarship in her third year of University and went on
to bring her graduating class to achieve stellar results.

Being logical and analytical, she develops a methodological approach to her
teaching styles and preparation making notes and study guides that are concise and
easy to understand, Her friendly and empathetic nature makes learning and the
environment positive, conducive, productive, stress-free and fun. In addition, this
helps her develop trusting relationships with her students through her willingness to
listen, and her patient, kind and caring personality.

Her strong communication skills allow her to convey knowledge in an engaging
manner with better results making mathematics less complex and helping students
overcome their fear of the subject and gain interest and greater appreciation of the


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