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Mr Gnan graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree (Majoring in Mathematics) in 1994. He started his teaching career at a reputable institution as an A/L Mathematics teacher for about 15 years from 1996 to 2011.

Besides teaching experience at his school, he also participated in many administrative and coordinating activities, such as the Master-in-Charge and a key member of the Association of Science & Technology, Executive member of the Parents Teachers Association (PTA), Manager for the school Hockey team, Coordinator in-charge for the Students’ Photography Club. He also participated in many workshops conducted by the MOE and NIE.

He also completed his  Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) in 2006. He was also an Examiner for 10 years and he has ample experience in setting A/L Maths exam questions with marking schemes and marking papers.

He published two books for A/L Mathematics and one book for O/L Mathematics.

He has been with different Singapore tuition centres since 2011. He was involved in Maths Curricula development for A/L and O/L, H1 and H2 Maths, IGCSE, and IB. Also became a Maths Consultant and taught maths for JC and upper Secondary students which he was able to produce good results, a fair percentage of students obtained A and B+ grades.

His lessons, which are known for the use of real-life applications of mathematics concepts, help his students quickly and easily grasp concepts and foster a greater appreciation for the subject.

Thank you for recruiting Mr Gnan who was my Mathematics teacher from Secondary 2 to Secondary 4. He has been a great help to my studies as my Math had improved significantly from an F9 to a B3. Being an intelligent teacher, with loads of great teaching skills particularly in Mathematics, Mr Gnan had taught me many short-cut techniques that had helped me greatly in tackling tougher questions that I could not solve previously. His patience in explaining the questions encourages me to not give up on my weakest subject, namely mathematics. In school, I was unable to understand the topic: Mensuration even when my math’s teacher explained to me repeatedly until she gave up on me for that particular topic. However, when I attended Mr Gnan’s class on Mensuration, I could understand the topic easily as his theorems are explained clearly to me. Mr Gnan is not only smart but he is also a very dedicated and passionate teacher. There was once when he ended work at 7.30pm and he was all packed up to go back home, but I just arrived at the tuition centre. When he saw me, he immediately put his bag down and prepared his lesson with me. From this, it shows how much passion he has in teaching, as he is willing to give up his personal time, as he desires his students to improve. Even on his rest days, he calls students back to render them extra help. This clearly proves that he is very focused on teaching and hardly spends any time for himself. No matter where he is or what time it is, he will always make sure to answer our enquires through Whatsapp before he goes to bed. Although Mr Gnan has a very good knowledge of Mathematics, he is constantly expanding his knowledge and strives to be a better teacher than he already is now. He is a role model to every student with his attitude of never giving up on learning and that every one of us will do well if we have the same attitude as him. I look up to him because I also want to become a passionate and dedicated teacher like him in the future so as to contribute to the society significantly. In my education path, Mr Gnan and you had made me improve tremendously and I am very thankful.

Yeo Ya Hui

I was Mr Gnan’s student until the end of my O level examinations. He was one of those teachers that I had hoped for. As soon as I signed up for additional math classes under Mr Gnan, I was relieved that his teaching methods were easy to take in and comprehend. With years of experience and a skill set like Mr Gnan’s, it was not difficult for him to enlighten me on certain topics. In fact, the skills that I had learned from Mr Gnan in just those few months had helped me more than what I had learned in both school and tuition. Mr Gnan also taught the physics class that I subsequently joined. His prowess and knowledge of both math and physics truly allowed me to understand things in a different light; I didn’t just memorise formulae or definitions, I understood how they were formulated originally. This allowed me to recall and successfully apply these skills for higher order thinking questions in my examinations. Mr Gnan is a dedicated man, spending all his working days with his full attention on his students, paying sufficient attention to each and every student. If I ever needed his help, it would be given to me immediately. In one incident, when I brought up my worries of a certain topic to Mr Gnan via Whatsapp, he would suggest a time slot lasting from one to two hours long for me to go down to get rid of my doubts. This certainly helped to enhance my confidence greatly in the topics that I were weak in previously. My grades improved tremendously and I will be forever grateful to Mr Gnan.
Although I have only been a student of Mr Gnan for a short year, he has already made a great impact to my learning, as well as the learning of the other students he teaches, especially in the subjects Additional mathematics, Elementary mathematics and Physics. With Mr Gnan's passion and dedication in his work, he has helped me tremendously with my academics as well as my confidence as a person and I've changed from a student who is ready to give up with constant F9 grade to where I am now, a strong willed student who is able to achieve an A1. I am sure all of his students would have a similar experience with the change he has brought about in our lives. He is truly a great teacher and would be an asset to any organisation he is in.

Chua Min

I want to express my gratitude to Mr Gnan for all the time you have spent helping me with my Mathematics. What makes him so different from other teachers is that he is always able to come up with alternative methods of solving tough questions that my school teachers are not able to do so. His methods are much more efficient and is easier to understand as compared to some of the methods I have learnt in school. As a result, I was able to tackle tough questions with ease and it saved me lots of time for checking during my exams. Mr Gnan is also a teacher who would dedicate all his time to help students. He is always at the centre everyday so that students like me will always being able to seek help from him. Often times other tuition teachers would answer their students' questions through Whatsapp after lessons. It may be difficult to understand certain concepts through messages and I am glad i had a teacher that could always answer my questions face-to-face. Mr Gnan have helped me improved significantly by exposing me to tough questions that are not easy to find.
I would like to thank Mr Gnan for teaching me these few years, which helped me improved from as low as D7 to an A2 in both elementary mathematics and additional mathematics. Mr Gnan is a wonderful teacher and I am very grateful for him. I appreciate every lesson with him, because it's so beneficial to my learning. He's a hardworking, compromising and selfless man. Mr Gnan not only help me improve in mathematics, but also help nurture my love for it. I'm forever grateful for being a student under him.

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