Louis Krisman


Mr. Krisman has close to 10 years of experience in the private education industry as a 1-to-1 tutor as well as teaching in tuition centres. He has mentored secondary school students from across the different tracks in the Singapore education system. Drawing on his intimate understanding of the rigours of the IP, IB and O-level programs, Mr. Krisman has guided numerous batches of students through all-important school and national examinations with demonstrable track record of success in English Language and English Literature.

Mr. Krisman’s teaching objectives emphasise proficiency in writing and speech, along with a global perspective on current affairs. He is also a strong advocate of clarity in reasoning, purposeful contemplation and polished communication which he views as the foundations of academic excellence and attempts to impart these skills to all of his students.

Mr. Krisman attended the London School of Economics and Singapore Management University for his undergraduate studies, majoring in Political Science and Psychology. He also holds a Master of Science in Strategic Studies from Nanyang Technological University with firm grounding across the fields of economics, history and philosophy.


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